Monday, April 30, 2012

my feeling

this song i'm listening to, reminds me about a special person i've had in my life. long time ago, you've said this to me: "my dream seems real,it scares me." i never ask you this question: "what if..the one that you dreamt about is my own death? will you cry? will you feel afraid?" what a pity, i never have the chance to ask you that. and i think up till now you never care. i'm nothing to you. that's the truth. you blamed me for everything happened that time. your trust in me gone so easily like the wind. i couldn't say anything to explain to you, to make it better. you go away from my life. you leave me. alone. i don't have anyone so dear to me, like you did. i regret it. if i could turn back the time.. maybe i'll come to you and won't let you go. ever. but now i have to face the truth. though sometimes i can't bear it. you're not mine anymore. you've been in my heart, and will always be. i'm glad to see you happy. though my heart hurts a lot. sayonara. goodbye.

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